Closed Joint-Stock Company Research and Production Enterprise "Teplogazavtomatika" created October 1, 1999.

The principal activities of NPP "Teplogazavtomatika" are:

  • the production and design of equipment;
  • conduct research, development work, training and development of new products;
  • Design work on the automation;
  • Development of model projects for the use of technical means produced;
  • the provision of services for the implementation, installation, commissioning and maintenance of products.

Closed Joint-Stock Company Research and Production Enterprise "Teplogazavtomatika" - Member of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Bashkortostan since 2002, an active participant in the activity of foreign trade. Our regular customers are: Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine.

NPP "Teplogazavtomatika" provides services for start-up, commissioning and installation of boilers, oil heaters, industrial furnaces and other equipment as its own production and other manufacturers. Translates boilers and heaters with liquid oil to gas or gas to liquid.

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End of reorganization
Joint Stock Company "Davlekanovsky Petroleum Machinery Factory" (Abbreviated name of JSC "Neftemash" BIN 1040202229704) announces the completion of the reorganization procedure Подробнее

Production of steam boiler (E-1,0-0,9R, E-1,0-0,9M E 1,0-0,9G)
JSC "Neftemash" together with ZAO NPP "Teplogazavtomatika" mastered the production of steam boiler (E-1,0-0,9R, E-1,0-0,9M, 1,0-0,9G E) of the solid fuel, fuel oil and natural gas, respectively. Designed to produce saturated steam consumed by enterprises of industry, transport and agriculture, for industrial and heating needs.

The certificate of admission to the works (SRO)
OAO "Davlekanovsky petroleum engineering plant" (JSC "Neftemash") has received a certificate of admission to works which influence safety of objects of capital construction number B-0267. Подробнее